Music Moves the Soul- {Musician}- Woodbridge, NJ

Music is something that speaks to me. It always has…always will.

I find that I seem to connect with other music minded people (hence why I’m engaged to Curtis- we had our very first convo about music)..Music is what moves us through this life. Well, in my humble opinion :)

I think that this beautiful lady would certainly agree. Michaela has been singing her whole life and thank God for that. The joy she has brought to people’s lives (MINE especially) is immeasurable. She is breathtaking, kind, full of life, and always smiling… some traits that many of us lose in our day to day lives.

Michaela and I spent some time together shooting and laughing.. I”m so so blessed that she used my photos for her EP on iTunes! Click here to check her out on Facebook!

Enjoy some of our fave shots from the day <3

2013-02-10_0001 2013-02-10_0002 2013-02-10_0003 2013-02-10_0004 2013-02-10_0005 2013-02-10_0006 2013-02-10_0007 2013-02-10_0008 2013-02-10_0009 2013-02-10_0010 2013-02-10_0011 2013-02-10_0012 2013-02-10_0013 2013-02-10_0014

Apparently, I’m funny..  ;)
2013-02-10_0015 2013-02-10_0016

So all day, we had been texting back and forth hoping for rain (we thought shots in the rain would be so cool).. by the time Michaela made it to my place, it was definitely a little ominous. Suddenly, as we were wrapping up, we heard thunder. We exchanged excited glances and began to squeal. Just as we made it to a new location, the rain came POURING down. So so happy to have captured beautiful shots of this lady embracing the rain.. just like she embraces life. Love this woman.
2013-02-10_0017 2013-02-10_0018 2013-02-10_0019

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